What Does Fitspo Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used on Instagram, Facebook and elsewhere on the internet, but what does Fitspo mean in slang?

what does fitspo mean

Most Common Fitspo Meaning

Fitspo is an abbreviation for Fit Inspiration.

Using Fitspo

Fitspo is used, primarily by women and accompanied by images and words, with the purpose of inspiring themselves and others to live a fit, active life. However, the use of Fitspo has been criticized, as the images often portray dangerously thin, overly sexualized women with bodies that most will never be able to achieve.


My life, my body, my pride #fitspo.

Alternative Fitspo Meanings

None found.

What Does Fitspo Mean?

Fit Inspiration.

Related Slang Terms

#FitFam – A hashtag for fitness lovers who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals.

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