What Does IMAO Mean?


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IMAO means In My Arrogant Opinion.

The Full Answer

what does imao mean

IMAO is a slang abbreviation that stands for In My Arrogant Opinion.

It is used to confidently assert your opinion.

By using imao, some people may consider you to be overbearing and self-important…

while others might respect you for having a definite opinion and not being afraid to express it…

but if you’re using imao correctly, you won’t care what anyone thinks anyway.

Where Would You See IMAO?

In texting… and chat… and on messaging apps, such as Snapchat… and social media, such as Facebook… and Instagram.

IMAO Examples

You’ve got a pretty face, shame it doesn’t match your personality imao.

New York is the greatest city in the world imao.

Anyone who is too religious can’t be trusted imao.

Other IMAO Meanings

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