What Does Srsly Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet, but what does Srsly mean in slang?

what does srsly mean

Most Common Srsly Meaning

Srsly is an abbreviation for seriously.

Using Srsly

Srsly is used to either emphasize that you really mean something or to express surprise.


My manager srsly reminds me of President Snow from The Hunger Games.

Alternative Srsly Meanings

None found.

What Does Srsly Mean?


Related Slang Terms

Srs Serious.
FR For Real.
Legit Genuine or genuinely.
NFS No Funny Sh*t.
NGL Not Gonna Lie.
OMS On My Soul.
OTC On The Cool.
S2G Swear To God.
STG Swear To God.
TBH To Be Honest.
Trill True and real.
JFC Jesus F**king Christ.
OMG Oh My God.
OML Oh My Lord.
TF The F**k.
WTD What The Duck.
WTF What The F**k.
WTH What The Hell.

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