What Does Te Amo Mean?

A Spanish-language term that is widely used in texting and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere on the internet, but what does te amo mean in slang?

Most Common Te Amo Meaning

Te amo means I love you in Spanish.

Using Te Amo

Te amo is used to say I love you, in Spanish, to your lover. The term te quiero should be used to say I love you to anyone else.



Thanks for a great weekend, te amo.

Alternative Te Amo Meanings

None found.

What Does Te Amo Mean?

I love you.

Related Slang Terms

143 I love you.
Ily I Love You.
Ily Bae I love you babe (or baby).
ILYSM I Love You So Much.
LY Love You.
LYLAS Love You Like A Sister.
Rawr I love you in dinosaur.
<3 Love.
LOML Love Of My Life.
SML So Much Love.

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