What Does Wig Mean?


Quick Wig Definition

Wig means incredible, exciting or crazy.

What Does Wig Mean? – The Full Answer

Wig is a slang term for incredible, exciting or crazy.

You would use wig to indicate that something is so incredible, exciting or crazy that the shock of it would cause someone’s wig to fly off their head.

You can either use the term wig on its own or combine it with another word to make it clear the wig has left the head, e.g. wig flew, wig snatched, wig gone, wig evaporated, wig disintegrated, etc.

Where Would You See And Hear Wig?

In everyday speech and texting, and on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and messaging apps such as Snapchat.

Wig Examples

He looks so good my wig has incinerated.

This song is so good. Wig!

Bitch my wig has been snatched, stolen, whipped, it flew, it’s gone. BTS are gonna be part of a Michael Jackson tribute song.

I’ve just uploaded my best video yet. Ur all gonna lose ur wigs when you watch it!

Bruh, my wig has gone.

Random Wig Stuff

The slang term wig is likely to have originated in the African American LGBTQ community.

It became associated with stan culture as fans would respond to anything their idols did with “wig”.

Wig went mainstream in March 2018 following an episode of American Idol. Before performing his audition, an 18 year old contestant from Arkansas, Noah Davis, said “wig” in front of the judging panel. Katy Perry was one of the judges and she picked up what he had said. “Wait, did you just say wig?” she asked. “I know, wig, I feel that already.”

Other Wig Meanings

A head covering made of real or artificial hair, used to hide hair loss or to cover your own hair.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2018

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