What Does WYM Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Instagram, Facebook, Kik and elsewhere on the internet, but what does WYM mean in slang?

what does wym mean

Most Common WYM Meaning

WYM stands for What You Mean.

Using WYM

WYM is used to indicate annoyance and/or disagreement with something said to you.


Person 1: I don’t like how you’ve been treating me recently.

Person 2: WYM?

Alternative WYM Meanings

Watch Your Mouth.
Wow, You’re Mad.

What Does WYM Mean?

What You Mean?

Related Slang Terms

Bye Felicia – Get out of my face.

FFS – For F**k’s Sake.

FOH – F**k Outta Here.

GDI – God Damn It.

GTFO – Get The F**k Out.

KMS – Kill Myself.

KMT – Kiss My Teeth.

Pfft – An expression of disapproval.

Pft – An expression of disapproval.

Salty – Angry or upset.

TF – The F**k.

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