What Does TBH Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the internet, but what does TBH mean in slang?

what does tbh mean

Most Common TBH Meaning

TBH stands for To Be Honest.

Using TBH

TBH is used to emphasize the sincerity of your statement. It is also used on social media to offer an honest (and usually complimentary) message in exchange for a like.


tbh, you look really nice in that dress.

Alternative TBH Meanings

None found.

What Does TBH Mean?

To Be Honest.

Related Slang Terms

FR – For Real.

FRFR – For Real, For Real.

Legit – Genuine or genuinely.

NFS – No Funny Sh*t.

NGL – Not Gonna Lie.

OMS – On My Soul.

OTC – On The Cool.

S2G – Swear To God.

Srs – Serious.

Srsly – Seriously.

STG – Swear To God.

Trill – True and real.

F4F – Follow For Follow.

L4L – Like For Like.

LB – Like Back.

LMS – Like My Status.

RDH – Rate Date Hate.

S4S – Shoutout For Shoutout.

S/O – Shoutout.

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